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Congrats Marvin. I'm happy the Mayans didn't interfere! My bride and I celebrated our 52nd this past weekend. She fixed our traditional Christmas dinner last weekend also...sauerbraten, with all the trimmings. Mighty yummy. Wanted to enjoy it before returning to my chemo program, which always wipes out my ability to taste anything. I was in the midst of that last year at this time, so we didn't have our traditional Christmas meal. I really missed it, so this year was very special.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

I have you by a little bit in the longevity of marriage so you need to get the chemo done & get back to living so we can have a contest. My SIL is doing the chemo thing right now from a rare form of cancer caused by chemicals, she was a biologist at the state lab so worked around a lot of chemicals. She's a young thing!

My bride couldn't cook a lick when we got married but she learned & is very good at it. But a treat for her is going out so I suffer, not silently . I also told her, after all these years of chasing dogs, that we would do more together, so the dogs are a thing of the past. Except, if we move to somewhere that is close to hunting I will get a Brit & go blow holes in the sky in my spare time.

On our way back to Climax, CO after the vows we enjoyed split pea soup for dinner in Silt, CO on Xmas eve. Only place open. What a trip, of course in those days you did not take on responsibility before you were financially able to handle same. 4 days off to get back to Seattle, get married & get back to work the day after Xmas.

You & your family have a nice holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!