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Thread: Hillary's Health Woes

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    This clot is between the brain and skull, no one disputes that . Dr David Deaton Chief of Vascular surgery at Georgetown University( he's not her Doctor) said that its possible her blood clot is a result of dehydration from a stomach virus and not from the fall. It was discovered on a followup visit as a result of her concussion. When the story first broke they ( DR"S making tv rounds & not on Fox ) thought it was the blood clot in her leg ( She has a history of blood clots in her legs.) Its serious, but Dr's say she will be allright. She had lots of time to tell her side of Bengazhi, she was traveling all around the world. I think this will be an excuse to put testifying off as long as she can, forever if possible. Its a shame for everyone involved, the truth needs to come out.
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    I have just found out the real deal, Bush sneaked into her room and pushed her down and kicked her in the head causing the fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    No, she will be fine by then.
    The only thing these issues will affect will be her testifying before the commitee.
    As soon as that is adjourned, she will miraculously be fine!!!!

    You may want to read your post #7 as well.
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