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He must have had it pretty badly for it to last a week. Usually, I've seen it go away after the 4th day, only once longer than that.

Only seen it 5 times, I think, in 22 years of having and training labs.

Howard, yes he had it pretty bad. I wasn't training at the time but rather working. I'm a forester and often take him with me to carry my tree marking paint in his backpack. It is not uncommon for us to cover 5 miles in a day, probably more for the dog. I never take him two days in a row. I completely underestimated the wet, cold weather and the rugged topography the day he got it. I've read the previous threads here and other places regarding the subject and from some of the technical information I understand that it may take up to two weeks for a complete recovery, especially if no drugs are given. He is almost back to normal but I am not planning on running him for another week. I feel like such and idiot for not taking into account the conditions and the risk involved on that particular day. He turned 2yo. today and this is the first incident. I hope he forgives me! Chessies sometimes carry a grudge and I wouldn't blame him if he did!!!