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Thread: Training bumpers

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    Default Training bumpers

    I have a quick question, what is the best brand bumper to buy for a dog? I'm getting a black lab at 7 weeks in the beginning of October and I wanted to go ahead and buy some even though I won't be using them for a little while. Is there a certain color I should get.
    Thanks brad

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    At that age, some small half inch or so paint rollers work great. They're cheap and light. I use the almost furry roller. As your pup grows you'll need mixes of white and orange. The brand can depend on how much you want to spend.

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    White and orange DT soft mouth trainers. Pricey but worth it IMO.

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    For Puppies:
    4" Paint roller " nap

    12-16 weeks
    Kong Air Fetch Stick (Small) cut the rope really short.
    If he still tries to grab the rope, cut it off.

    Dokken Super Dummy Foam Training Dummies
    are perfect to get through the (Teething) period. Very Soft but can be thrown far.

    Now as far as Training Dummies for after teething.
    Take your pick. Avery Hexabumpers seem to be indestructible but are costly.
    I've got a Dozen or more of them, a dozen DT's and half a dozen Dokkens.
    Even got a 3" Avery Hexabumper for free and an Avery Teal Flasher which my young pup LOVED!
    You'll want some EZ_Bird Trainers too or Dokken Duck Dummies, Dove Dummies,
    Canada Good Dokken Dummy.

    It's good you're looking at stocking up now, b/c it'll get costly quick!

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