Serious AR question
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Thread: Serious AR question

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    Default Serious AR question

    A really serious question here before you flame I do own and use guns almost daily 7 months a year. I might even carry the other 5.

    Question why do you want an AR?

    Don't give me flip answers and don't incriminate yourself NSA is watching beyond a doubt.

    If I were target shooting I like the most accurate I can get. MOA works just fine for me.

    If I am sport hunting I want a 1 shot kill.

    I am seriously trying to find out the motivation.
    John Cottenham aka jacduck in many circles before the internet

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    Senior Member John Lash's Avatar
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    I don't have one. I shoot for the reasons you shoot. The target shooters at the gun range complain about the AR shooters. Whether they do it or not they get blamed for shooting their targets, then shooting the target holders beyond use.

    I relayed this to an "old" shooter who actively shoots the shotgun games and sells big quantities of reloading components to shotgun shooters. I never thought he would be "an AR shooter." I mentioned the complaints and he said, "Yeah, but if you went with me and shot one you'd come away with a smile on your face!"

    So I guess the short answer is it puts a smile on their face.
    John Lash

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    I am not looking for one, but I used to have several when I was shooting in high power rifle competitions. With an AR you could compete both in the service and the match rifle classes. In addition, very few things are more fun to plink with or shoot groundhogs from long distances.

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    Senior Member Becky Mills's Avatar
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    Down here (SW Georgia) wild hogs are a terrible problem and cause a great deal of economic damage to crops. Quite a few people in this area own ARs to try to cut down on hog numbers. Since hogs tend to roam in herds a weapon that can fire a number of rounds quickly is needed.
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    Because someone says you can't or wants to prevent you from having. May also be a nice profit in it someday. Kind of like all these corporations moving their dividend dates to this year to avoid next years tax rates. Being told I cant or taking more of my money are great motivators to go on the offensive!

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    Senior Member Franco's Avatar
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    When it comes to home defense, there is not a better weapon! Especially, if you have to deal with multiple intruders. I was living in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. I remember seeing the merchants on their roofs standing there with their AR's. It was enough to discourge the looters from sacking their stores and harming them and their families. None of us know what the future has in store for us and some of us would rather go down fighting than slaughtered like sheep. If we ever give up the Right to defend ourselves, we will have truely lost our Freedom and will be nothing more than mere slaves to the government. History has many examples of governments disarming their citizens and the results were not pretty.
    "All those things bother me: The populism, the lying and the scapegoating and the xenophobia bother me, but then there’s a layer of incompetence here. I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful: If he had a coherent ideology, he’d probably be more dangerous." P J O'Rourke

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    Senior Member Tim Culligan's Avatar
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    I trained with the AR during military enlistment 86-96 and enjoy target shooting with it. I also LOVE to shoot groundhogs with it when I am out west.

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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    This is actually my choice for accuracy.

    The AR's May wee ll be accurate enough,, but the pure fact they are mostly shot by folks who purchase factory ammo,, with brass factory sized small,, so the rounds will cycle throughthe action quickly with NO malfunctions..
    This makes for fast shooting,, and acurATE enough grouping..

    You can take a Remintong 700 action in what ever caliber you like,, and make a few enhancements to bolt face ,,lugs ect,, and have the same base as the Military sniper rifle I posted above.

    You then, Handload for that specific rifle. You develope a load that is extreamly accurate. You do this by fire forming your brass cases,, and then only neck sizing the case that has had its neck turned and been perfectly formed or sized for your specific rifle..

    You top that with premium specific bullets for your intended use,,, then customise the powder charge and bullet seating depth so the bullet doesnt have to "Jump" to get to the rifeling,,, and you will end up with a rifle that will consistently touch holes at over 100 yrds..
    Can EASILY hit smaller targets at 500 meters..

    This is the precision rifle i want..

    My Home protection under close quarters,, I prefere a 3" 12 guage shotgun loaded with 41 pellets of #4 buck (.24 cailber)

    Both these guns can be had inexpensivly,,, Easily obtained,, and serve you well... Neither one is considered an assult rifle,,
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    I own a carbon 15 in 22 cal. It is a phenomenal shooting gun. Great for plinking and for just a little money I can add to it and have another gun for half the price.

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    Slidell, LA


    Why? Because they're phenomenal home defense weapons. A lot of people like shotguns, but the shot can penetrate dry wall fairly well due to the shots total mass. The 5.56/.223 is notoriously poor at penetrating drywall, thus saf for others in the home.

    They're fun to shoot. Personally, I greatly enjoy bolt action rifles but I did have a top tier AR and it was great. Great for accepting optics and lights (which are great for home defense).

    1 shot kill is all about bullet placement... Unless you're using a cannon. You can drop an animal with a .22 lr if you place it correctly. Plus there have been great improvements in bullet development.

    There are several reason to own one and 0 valid reason not to. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but saying that other shouldn't have something because you don't "get it" is childish.

    I had a sport bike that went over 200 mph... I never did or wanted to, but it could have.
    Joshua T.

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