Hi John,

I realize we are arguing hypotheticals here as it is extremely unlikely that you personally will be harmed by some RTFers stolen gun. The point I was trying to make is that our Country's gun culture and attitudes toward hunting, self protection, individual rights and responsibilities vary greatly by region, what works well and is appropriate for NY City or Washington DC would be terrible in rural Montana, Wyoming or Alaska and visa versa. So, as you say Federal law trumps all, I am generally opposed to greater federal laws that infringe on local customs. I realize we can argue this ad nauseum, I'm not talking about univeral issues such as slavery, and where you draw the line on what is a universal truth probably varies with where you are on a liberal-conservative political scale.

As for whether our State's gun laws are within or without the Federal mainstream, we can only go by actual Federal law, and to this point I am unaware of any Federal law that prescribes a standard for care and custody of a firearm. You can of course argue your case in civil court, like I said you would probably prevail among a jury of peers in NY or PA, probably not in Montana or Wyoming.