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Thread: What do you feed and why?

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    I have used Purina Pro Plan for the last 5 yrs. since starting Days End Retrievers and have fed it to over 90 dogs. prior, I fed Pro Plan for over 10 yrs. to 16 personal dogs. several of my dogs lived to over 14 yrs. of age.
    Over the past 15 yrs. I've tried several different so called quality foods. I have always come back to Purina. Why? Top quality for the price. well balanced at 30/20 for the client retrievers that I train. I haven't had any other food that gave the dogs any better coat any more energy or more mussel mass and maintain as small of stool. Its also for all stages of life pup-adult.Pro Plan has changed its name to Sport but is still in 37.5 lb. bag.
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    I have switched from PPP, Blue Wilderness, EVO and now feed Dr Tim's. My dogs coats have never looked better, over all health is best it's ever been. Very happy with the food. Dr Tim is always willing to promptly answer questions as well.

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    Thank you, Barb, for bringing some much-needed common sense to these dog food conversations. I spent my career in the animal feed industry. The marketing ploys of some of these dog food firms just confuse many dog owners (i.e., the knock against corn and other carbohydrates). This disinformation process seems similar to discussions about "natural" or "organic" foods/feeds. As you said, most nay-sayers have their own agendas.

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    Strong Point,

    I'm new to the game and fed my dog eukanuba for the first three years of her dogs life. Circumstances and opportunity knocked one day and I bought a bag of Strong Point and my dogs responded really well to the food.

    I did some research and it appeared that Strong Point matched up(nutritionally) really well to price comparable and even surpassed some of the more expensive foods on the market.
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    Just received my first bag of Momentum today. Kona seems to like the taste. We'll see how it works for him

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    I feed PPP to the dogs in training for the simple reason that the pros they go to use that. Switching back and forth does more harm than good IMHO. The dogs do well on it, only criticism is that - in my experience - the dogs that get PPP have big tartar build up on their teeth compared to the others.

    Have used PPPuppy and Euk puppy on the little ones and I do like Euk better.

    Have had excellent results with Science Diet JD on several older arthritic dogs - but be prepared for a hit in the wallet. The results have been worth every penny though.

    I feed Fromms to the retirees here at home and endorse it highly. Wisconsin based family-owned company, no garbage ingredients, nothing from China, high quality, distribution network is NOT big box, etc. The older dogs are doing beautifully, firm regular stools, coats are wonderful. No problem with palatability - but my dogs would eat sawdust if offered, so they're not a good sample for judging fussiness.

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    Over the years I've fed Nutra Nuggets, The old IAMs, Eukanuba, Pro-Plan and Native. I believe that Native is probably the best but my dogs did seem a bit loose on it. I travel my dogs a lot and have to go by airplane most times. I was able to get Native when I was on the east coast but found it nearly impossible to find around the Oklahoma City area. Since that trip I made the executive decision and went back to Pro-Plan. I can find it nearly anywhere I travel and my dogs do digest it better. Over all pretty happy with Pro Plan

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    Roy, How is Penny doing, and more importantly, how are you doing? We are staying busy "in retirement", but would like to catch up. Cleo and Bill at gatorptlabs@aol.com
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    Hi Bill and Cleo. Sorry that I dropped out of sight. Had a lot of things going. Penny is doing wonderful. Fit as a fiddle and runs around like a 3 year old. She's now 10. I stopped trailing her several years ago. The pressure was getting too much for her and me. I'm thinking about running her this spring though. I have a couple young up and comings in the derby. One is her grandson. Great to hear you guys are doing well with retirement. I'll stay in touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pudelpointer View Post
    I have switched from PPP, Blue Wilderness, EVO and now feed Dr Tim's. My dogs coats have never looked better, over all health is best it's ever been. Very happy with the food. Dr Tim is always willing to promptly answer questions as well.
    Best food I have ever used and was the best decision I ever made when it comes to the dogs.

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