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View Poll Results: What do you hunt. Do you have multiple breeds of dog for different bird species?

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  • Ducks only

    8 2.85%
  • Geese only

    0 0%
  • Ducks and geese

    39 13.88%
  • Upland birds only

    18 6.41%
  • Ducks, geese and upland birds

    216 76.87%
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Thread: How many of us are bird hunters??

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    Aug 2003
    Redding, CA


    Doves, pheasants, ducks, and geese in that order. I also run AKC field trials and hunting tests with the same dogs I hunt

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    50% upland - 45% waterfowl... 5% geese & those are just the dumb ones that fly too low... Vizsla, best dang dog I ever had! in between dogs this season. In the batters box is a Brittany & possible Boykin (my wife has mentioned several times she likes them)...

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    Northern iowa


    My Chessie doesn't seem to care what we are hunting.

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    Ducks, geeese, pheasants, quails, grouse, turkeys, hares, bears, steers, queeres, deers, elks, mooses, shoats, goats, antelope, hogs, cats, rats, if it flys it dies- if it runs it's done.

    Prolly forgot one somewhere regards

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    It would be interesting to add another vote column...which is "don't hunt birds". I know there have been threads before about what percentage of field trial dogs also hunt. As gooser said earlier, I too have been chastised for hunting my trial, "you will ruin that dog hunting it, especially on pheasants." Anyway, I hunt virtually everything that flies, with a dog that I also run in trials. It seems to me the dog knows the difference and still will run lazer lines on a blind in a trial after a season of quartering hunting pheasants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    I used to hunt Pheasants,,untill folks convinced me it was gonna screw up my competitive bird dogs mind....

    Now I purchase chicken at the store..

    Dog still has a screwed up mind...

    Well that's a shame. Hunt your dog for God sake!!
    I hate rude behavior in a man, won't tolerate it. Captain Woodrow Call

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    First year duck/goose hunter here. actually didn't go out goose hunting at all so I guess just first year duck hunter.

    got one hen turkey under my belt in the 3 years I've been hunting them. missed a tom this spring. ran/crawled/belly crawled about 200 yards in an open field after two toms messing with a hen. the field was real hilly and they were on the other side of the hill. belly crawled to within 30 yards only to shoot over one of the tom's. looking back, I never looked down the barrel of the gun but just but the bead on him instead. would have been the perfect ending but I screwed up!
    That's my boy "Blue"!!!! Flyin High in the Passenger Side x Katie May of Belgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    Ducks, geeese, pheasants, quails, grouse, turkeys, hares, bears, steers, queeres, deers, elks, mooses, shoats, goats, antelope, hogs, cats, rats, if it flys it dies- if it runs it's done.

    Prolly forgot one somewhere regards

    By that list you show that you are a very well rounded, versatile, open minded individual!

    Ahhhh, the smell of a bay dog... nothin finer!

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    Our lives are not made by the dreams we dream but by the choices we make.

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    Started with a Springer then added a lab, now I have a GSP (8), a Gordon Setter (6), & a Springer (1.5). I started hunting Pheasants & doves and a jumping potholes for ducks, then got the pointers and started Sharptail hunting, now I field hunt ducks and geese (75%) and set up on some transitions sloughs (25%), Sharptail, Doves & Pheasants. I hunted just about every weekend this year from the middle of August and will have to quit on the 6th of January when the pheasant season ends. We hunted ducks and geese in 18 degree snow filled fields this year laying out with white tyvek suits on using some blanket blinds. My 1.5 year old springer was retrieving in the slush one morning. My 16 year old loves to duck hunt, I would rather pheasant hunt. I would like to hunt some flooded timber one day though.

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    Went on my first bird hunt this year! I had a blast. I will be getting a good pair of waders and going again next year. This year happened to be a duck hunt but I would love to try hunting other birds.
    Jeannie Greenlee

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