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Thread: Need help with Christmas camera :) Canon Rebel T3

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    Haven't put them on the computer yet.
    Do you have a quality photo editing program?
    Jim Boyer

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    Great camera. I bought one for my wife for her birthday back in may. I just got her that 75-300mm lens for christmas. She was quite overwhelmed when she opened it and water to return it. SHe watched some youtube videos and then just started tinkering around with it. She wouldn't trade it for the world. She loves it and it takes fantastic pictures! Someone was on Santa's nice list!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyRodgz View Post
    I got a good advice from the salesman, use class 10 Extreme SD cards.
    That's a major plus! Not only high capacity, but fast data transfer rates. The more you use this camera, the more you'll love it. Nearly all my still and video equipment has been Canon. Start collecting information on lens filters. Information is easily available online and in photo magazines. They can make a big difference! But get good glass filters; Canon or Nikon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KwickLabs View Post
    Do you have a quality photo editing program?
    Unfortunately, I don't. I use iPhoto on my MacBook Pro. Haven't really looked for any software for photo editing since I switched from my PC to the Mac.
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    Here is a search from on books for the Canon Rebel T3i. rebel t3i

    Third party books are often written in a much easier way to understand. Also a digital photo class as your local Adult Education or local college can help a lot too.
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    Vickie , try this link, I promise you'll be glad you did. I've had several Rebels over the years, and recently upgraded to a Canon 7D. My new camera made my rebel look like a polaroid compared to this 7D at first.(as far as me using).. I discovered this guys tutorial on my new camera, and was amazed at how thorough, and complete he explained the camera functions, and how to use them. In case the link doesn't copy correctly, just google

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