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Thread: Best All-Around Boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    You need about 5 boats.

    one for big water

    one for real big water

    one for shallow water

    one for real shallow water

    one for everything else...

    that should just about cover it...

    Old Alaskan regards...
    So true!!!!We are at 4 with the final coming this summer.....Four Rivers-Refuge Runner. Jim

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    Go with one of the larger Edge boats. Edge boats are the real deal. They are new to the market, but better than any boat i have ever seen or drove.

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    My husband says try looking at a Lodge by Smokercraft, 17 foot. He says that gives a little more "V" than the Lund. He has a 60/40 tiller steered jet pump and plans to use it for bay, lake, and river fishing, as well as some duck hunting.

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    My Pro Drive has been flawless.

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    I had a War Eagle and did not feal safe in Big Water(Great Lakes) and went with a DuckWrangler Boat. I can let my young kids run back and forth in boat without worrying about them falling out. My boat will draft in very little water, we were actually pulling the boat in 6-7" of water in Saginaw Bay. My Pick Order if running really Big Water to Rivers would be:
    1. Bankes, I bought a used Duckwrangler which is similar because I could not afford a new Bankes. Other similar boats: Duckwater, TDB.
    2. Lund Alaskan

    Our Family owns only one boat and we use it for everything- Fishing, Tubing and Most Important Hunting!

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    I like my Lund Alaskan. I have an 18 footer with a 50 honda tiller. Nice and open!

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