Last in the litter..?
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Thread: Last in the litter..?

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    Default Last in the litter..?

    Hey all -

    Do you think there's any disadvantage or problem in selecting an older lab pup (16+wks) over a younger 8wk? I'm acquiring my first gun dog to train myself sometime this year, and I was planning to get him at 8wks as typical. But I noticed there are still a few older 16wk+ pups available from the breeders I'm considering.

    It seems these older pups have been properly socialized, and even trained in basic OB and retrieval. But I wonder if its wise to get a left-over out of a litter? Grateful for any thoughts, as I am new to the gun dog breed. Thx.

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    Some of us will keep a pup to see how it turns out, raising it as our own, or to sell later as a started dog...sometimes it never "goes off the market".

    Hubby says "everything here is available" on all the young dogs except my little keeper (I ended up selling my last keeper, my decision).
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    Also, I sold a female pup that I kept until 7 months of age. She was nice, i just liked the other pup better. The girl I sold became an FC. Not to say that the pup will FC, but If the pup is healthy and you like the its personality, attitude and drive. Buy it!!! The best gun dog I've owned to date was 14 weeks when I brought him home.
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    No disadvantage.

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    Last pick from a great litter is probably a better bet than first pick of a lesser litter. Picking a good litter is in my opinion, primary to the actual pup selection.
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    I almost ALWAYS keep the best here for the last....

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    If the pup has been socalized I think it would be fine. But if pup has just been stuck in a pin because they couldn't sell the pup it might be behind.

    Also if several pups in litter have been keep together their can be problems with dominance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonybrook View Post
    Last pick from a great litter is probably a better bet than first pick of a lesser litter. Picking a good litter is in my opinion, primary to the actual pup selection.
    I would agree. The last pup, from a good litter and a good breeder, will have been worked with, socialized, crate trained, and exposed to a number of other dogs and had some basic training that will be an advantage to you pup.

    I have often kept back pups to see how they turn out. I also turn away a number of potential buyers that I feel are not up to my standards. I would rather keep the pup until the right home comes along.

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    I may have a few pups left over from my current litter in a couple weeks time will tell, but I have turned away 2 people interested in the choc. Female I have because it sounds like they are looking for a brood bitch more than a hunting or testing companion. I went through a lot of time looking at pedigrees and checking out stud references before i picked a stud he may not be a FC but he is young and well on his way with a nice pedigree and very intelligent and that my friends is what I bred this litter for. Any pups left over will be trained until fall and sold as started dogs.

    To answer the op question I don't believe that older pups will be disadvantaged really at all in fact they may be better due to better socialization with more dogs. Just My opinion good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by windycanyon View Post
    I almost ALWAYS keep the best here for the last....
    Just curious, do your pup buyers give you any grief about keeping the best one?
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