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Thread: Not retrievers, but I like them; foxhounds. GDG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Blimp View Post
    As to the long, long ago breed ancestry I haven't a clue, however I'm sure they aren't a recent admixture, but descendants of the rough haired hounds of Europe that were familiar to the Romans. Those in the pics are pretty typical of Welsh Foxhounds, albeit in a mixed pack. You can see pictures of Welsh Hounds from two hundred years ago and they look just the same. The shaggy protective coat gives them a chance against the hill weather, rocky outcrops and trappy, thickety cover. The males are normally a bit taller than the English smooth haired hounds when fully grown. I'd hazard a guess that they are all related to a common, earlier ancestor.
    Eug, since there isn't a, extrapolating the possibility that I have my very own "Gentleman's Foxhound"TM pending

    or even an "Ungentlemanly Foxhound"

    Ta for the narrative about the ancient breeding and especially the idyllic (to me anyhow) Welsh outfitting and kitting up. What a lovely confab among the fox populi as the Romans might've put it when they inhabited them hills. Also who needs steeds? - "Riding (the Range Rover) to the hounds" has a nice ring to it.


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    Way cool, Eug. Thanks for sharing. Duckdon

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    Love it! Thanks so much for the pictures!

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    If you like Hunts here are links to some in my neighborhood outside of Philadelphia. May give you a taste of fox hunting in the States. I don’t ride but most of the land owners permit us to train retrievers and shoot birds on their land which is helpful.
    Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds..
    Kimberton Hunt Club.
    And if you like the Pretty Hounds..
    The Bryn Mawr Hound Show.

    "Darla" AFC Candlewoods Lil Smokin Tequila (2002-2013)
    "Smoke" Smokin Auggies Menace, QAA (2003- 2016)
    "Simba" Humewood Simba (1999-2014)

    Per favore, non mi rompere i coglioni.

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