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Thread: Another Record Year

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    Default Another Record Year

    Reading on Yahoo that Chi-town just registered it's 500th homicide for the year which will put this year in 2nd place to 2008 when they registered 512!!!!!!!!!

    Some related facts - Chicago is a Democratic controlled town, has been for decades, the POTUS is from there, many of his staff are also. Can any of you lefty's who are in the tank for this POTUS explain why you would trust this administration to solve any problem related to guns & the related homicides? Just asking .

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    Anyone know what the gun laws are like in Il and even more so in the Windy City? They have three days to tie the 2008 record. They could make it with just a little last minute sprint .
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    Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country!!!

    The flip side though is that in CROOK county criminals rarely go to jail.
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    I got turned down on purchasing a box of #2 steel shot because i was from out of state and didn't have some sort of card, but a sympathetic hunter gave me a half box at the boat launch, saved my day! I probably will never hunt IL. again.

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    Ok, How many of those homocides were by firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus3925 View Post
    Ok, How many of those homocides were by firearms?
    Probably the ones that were illegal.

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