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Every time we have a debt ceiling crisis, the scare tactics include SS checks and military paychecks that may not be able to go out; and Medicare payments, etc. How come they never mention Congressional paychecks? Or maybe putting the DOE and EPA on 4-day weeks? Since senior citizens don't have a union, I guess it's easier to stop their checks than it is to fight the union to cut back Fed employee compensation by shorter work weeks. Guess it's even easier to threaten the military (and they DO have those assault weapons!) than it is to fight the union

Heck, they could probably shut down Dept of Energy and Dept of Education entirely for a couple of weeks and nobody would notice.

BTW, is there nothing in the Constitution that REQUIRES Congress to pass a budget? It seems surreal that this could go on for FOUR consecutive years, and there are no consequences for this failure.

Yes there is, Gerry...and the Senate, and especially that pathetic object running that body, Dingy Harry, deserve to be impeached for derelict of duty, and not keeping their oath to protect the Constitution. Talk about elections having consequences...I apologize to everyone here for ousting Tom Dashole. I never realized there was a WORSE individual available for that spot, but obviously I was in error.

As to the two cabinet level departments you mention, we could do without them FOREVER! The sooner the better.