Dog Thief in LaFayette, La. HELP - Update: Found :(
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Thread: Dog Thief in LaFayette, La. HELP - Update: Found :(

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    Angry Dog Thief in LaFayette, La. HELP - Update: Found :(

    Returning from a great duck hunt in Texas with clients and my son Jamie we stopped in LaFayette for the night. Some scumbag in a Chevy/GM extended cab pickup truck spotted my dogtruck and stole my son's dog out of a padlocked dog box. He also took clothes and hunting equipment. A video from the back of the Wafflehouse caught him on camera but couldn't make out the plate number. My son is on leave from the Air Force before his next deployment and his dog, Boz ,is his child !! He has had him since he was 6 weeks old and he 10 years old now.

    Please help us catch this f---king thief in the LaFayette , La. area.

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    Prayers sent. There are alot of dogs being stolen these days so be careful.

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    Have you contacted local law enforcement? If so, were they helpful at all?

    I hope you get that low-life. I can't think of many things that would be as low as stealing a man's dog.

    Maybe you can share more detail on the thief's truck . . . color? . . . year? . . . topper? Could you make out the state of the plate?

    Good Luck! I hope you catch him and can get your son's dog back! I can't say what I hope they do to the guy if they get him, it's a family forum!

    Jeff Swackhamer

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    Lets have more details and photos. There is Duck Hunting Chat, The Refuge, Versatile Hunting Dogs and a host of other sites. Don't forget the local state forms on each site. Duckdon

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    Unfortunately, this is on the rise.....


    American Kennel Club Says Dognapping Cases Are Up By Almost 70 Percent

    Experts: Most Important Step To Keeping Pets Safe Is Microchipping Them
    December 28, 2012 8:59 PM

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Dogs are being stolen out of cars, yards, off
    sidewalks and even out of shelters at an alarming rate, according to the American Kennel Club.

    “It only takes a minute for a theft to occur,” American Kennel Club
    spokeswoman Lisa Peterson told CBS 2′s Dave Carlin on Friday.

    Making any pet owner think twice is surveillance video from last week
    that showed “Marley” the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel being menaced by
    a stranger, who picked up the frightened dog and walked off with him,
    leaving 7-year-old Mia Bendrat heartbroken the day before Christmas.......
    - more -

    Hope he gets Boz back.

    For everyone else....for years I've always parked where I can see my vehicle if I'm carrying dogs. Doesn't matter if I'm just running in to Starbuck's or going in for a meal, I sit where I can see the truck or I leave the restaurant and go elsewhere.

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    I would contact Captain Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department. Talk with him and you may get a Detective assigned to investigate.

    The Wafflehouse is on I-10 so no telling where the thief is from.

    Good luck in finding your son's dog!
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    To the OP, I can't even imagine your anguish, and wish I could help. Don't know how that would happen, but sending you all the best.

    Secondly, here's adding to the post, and a possible idea for the op. We've had a similar situation happen with many many items stolen and much damage done to property. Luckily no dogs involved though. Photos have caught trespassers, but just like in this story, the photos are either too far away to make out the plates. We have photos that are the front 1/2 of the vehicle, and photos that are a direct rear shot with a full view of the license, but too far.

    Obviously NCIS isn't going to help, and evidently neither is our rural Barney Phife sheriff's department. I've tried blowing up the photos and cropping, with no luck. Does anyone know of a downloadable program to digitally enhance computer photos? Other ideas for the OP and us? Thanks in advance.
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    place an as on craigslist place under lost found and pets. this is another good resource
    Contact all the humane societys in the area and animal control most have a facebook page where you can place and ad and picture.
    was there a camera that may have caught them or their vehicle?

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    The thief's truck was a mid 2000s chevy silverado or gmc sierra, extended cab, goldish pewter with blacked out windows. The perp was mid thirties medium build white man. Attached is a photo of Boz. Another distinguising characteristic is he only has three toes on his hind right foot. The police officer assigned opined that the perp was possibly from Carencro based on the proximity or close by in Lafayette, and the fact he had louisiana plates. Since it was New year's eve it is most likely that he is from around here. Thanks for your help.
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    Is he chipped...can a stolen alert be put on chip info ?
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