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Thread: Dog Thief in LaFayette, La. HELP - Update: Found :(

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    Law enforcement is involved , has viewed the video, etc.We are going to the shelters and vet offices tomorrow.

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    Bet that truck passed other camera's in the area.....Duckdon

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    When looking at the video did you see any decalls ,Duck Unlimited ,Browning etc... I would think if a thief was going to take the dog along with your gear he would be a hunter(poacher) and have personnel uses for dog /gear.Contact the conservation dept.and any hunting clubs in the area.

    Place an add on CL /Wanted finished hunting dog looking for (give rough description of your son's dog) ,papers do not matter....Something along those lines ...Set a trap.

    Good luck ,it knot's my stomach up to think about this.

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    This is just so sad. I am praying that your son's dog is recovered soon. Please keep us posted.
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    Are there any still photos they can get from the video of the truck? There are a lot of LA guys on here and someone may recognize the truck. I would post on Craigslist too and offer a reward. I once got back a dog that was stolen from my yard by offering a nice reward. It was worth the $1000 I paid to get the dog back. I know the person that brought her back was the SOB that stole her but I couldn't prove it and was just happy to get the dog back.
    This has to be heartbreaking, I hope you find him.
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    Oh Davis, I am so so sorry. I hope Boz is found right away. I know you and Jamie both are absolutely sick.
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    Will cross post ASAP on other La forums and let my mafia in Laffy know to keep a look out for Boz. He will be found and you heard it here first! Franco, make sure errybody in the Cajun HRC club gets the info, the Acadiana vets have an association and may have a website. I will check and post if so, pm me your # to list with my post please.
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    Wow... What a low life POS!!! Prayers sent for boz's safe return.

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    Is it ok to cross post this on Refuge forum?

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    This is what I suggest;

    I work for 7 radio stations in Lafayette. I can give the on-air folks the details of the theft and the fact that the police have the theif's truck on video tape. That if the theifs want to avoid being caught and proscecuted, all they have to do is drop the dog off to me at my office and no questions will be asked or they can drop the dog off at the Lafayette Parish Animal Shelter. When you go the the shelter tomorrow let them know what we are doing. If it works, I can bring the dog home and take care of him until you pick him up.

    If that sounds like a plan that you are confortable with, call me. I've PMed my phone number to you.
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