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Thread: Dog Thief in LaFayette, La. HELP - Update: Found :(

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    I'm glad to see this thing taking off and hoping for good news soon. Good luck to everyone involved!!! Any thoughts on posting a reward for info leading to finding the dog? I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to chip in.

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    I put this on my FB an as well. Hope yall find hime man!

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    Not much worse! Hope they catch that scum!

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    I have not heard from Davis since this morning when he told me the hotels video camera has a good shot of the thief but no license plate number. He said he would try to get me that photo, so I'm not sure what the hold up is. I have a hunch that since there are a number of speeding/traffic cameras in that area that hopefully the police are checking to see if they can in fact get a license number. I'm just speculating on that since I haven't heard anything in a while.
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    I just read this post and shared it on Face-book: "The dog's owner is on leave from the Air Force and asks the man to please leave the dog at the Lafayette Animal Shelter,..."

    Might we be able to “sweeten the pot” and have a $ reward awaiting the “kindly person who might “FIND" Boz and drop him off at the shelter" no questions asked?

    If it would help, just a thought, I’d chip in what I could.

    Makes me SICK to hear about this.
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    I'm in just let me know when and where to donate .

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    Just an update for everyone. Boz is still in the wind but due to Franco's tremendous help KATC TV sent out a reporter this morning to interview Jamie and me and take video of my dogtruck. They did a great piece on their 5 oclock news show about our situation. Also thanks to Franco the local radio stations have covered the story and put info on their websites.

    FYI the Baymont Inn ( jameson ) video camers didn't cover the parking lot or the driveway entrance to the hotel.So their security is worthless . Take note if you have been staying at their hotels.

    On the other hand the Waffle House next door video captured the scumbag thief loading my clothes into his truck at 1:27 am and leaving the parking lot 10 minutes later. The camera switches views so it didn't get all of his activity.
    Waffle House will only release the video to the police and we have not been able to get the police detective to come out yet. Although the patrol officer response has been rapid and very responsible.

    We have put up flyers everywhere we thought apropriate and visited the animal control ffolks this affternoon.

    Thanks for everyones help !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck Mann View Post
    One of the more disappointing parts of this is that the manager of the Jameson refused to come in yesterday and let the police view the hotel's surveillance video. She only lives a few minutes away, but her quote was that she "didn't come in for dogs." The police had to use the video from the Waffle House, which is next door. The police were at the Jameson asking to see the video and she still wouldn't come in to show it to them! There is a good chance the thief will be seen clearly on the hotel video, but this set everything back an entire day. So much for "pet friendly".

    Davis posted earlier that it was a Baymont Hotel rather than Jameson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff t. View Post
    Davis posted earlier that it was a Baymont Hotel rather than Jameson.
    Actually it is now the Baymont. This is the 10th year we have stayed there and I'm used to it being a Jameson.

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    Well let's talk gun control...cause if some SOB tried to steal my girls...I could and WOULD shoot him dead...and I'm a peace loving Quaker and don't own a handgun...but thinking about getting one after reading this story...Beware of messing with my girls, you are now warned! And if I ever see someone messing around a dog truck/trailer at a hotel, hunt test, hotel, restaurant anywhere and they don't look like they belong there... I'm going to start being pro-active asking questions of suspicious people.

    Good luck in Boz being returned...your son and Boz are in my prayers.
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