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Thread: Breeding an older dog ?s

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    Default Breeding an older dog ?s

    Signing back on just to ask a question...

    A buddy of mine who has a really nice bitch (both titles as well as pedigree) who wants to breed to my 10yo dog (HRCH-UH/MH Rocky out of FC-AFC Jamie). I've never bred a dog this old. Even though the AKC doesn't have any special requirements until a dog is 12, I think it might be a good idea to seek out the advice of others who have more experience with this than I have.

    I have a call pending w/ my vet to see if we need to do a "viability check". For being 10, he's in pretty good health (runs, plays, retrieves, etc).
    Chris Barnes

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    Have a litter due out of my 9 year old male in a couple of weeks. Please don't tell him he might be getting to an age where there are any restrictions. He would not be happy.
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    Jackie Mertens met my old Golden Kimo when he was eleven years old and fell in love with him. We xrayed his hips and bred him three times between eleven and twelve, each litter was eleven healthy pups. You never know...

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    Has he ever been bred before? Or lately? ....
    If it were me with my female, I'd probably want you to do a "viability check" before putting all my eggs in his basket. Nothing like anticipating a special breeding and finding out she didnt take, for whatever reason... do you have time-or is she in heat now?
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    I would make sure he is not shooting blanks! Also make sure he is in good enough shape to handle the physical side of things. If not AI?

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    I'd get him checked out ASAP by a good repro vet, especially if he's never been bred or hasn't been bred for a few years, because it's not uncommon for an older dog's fertility to decline. There are also things like tick diseases that can affect fertility but that are treatable if caught early. It's not that expensive to have a fertility exam done.
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    The suggestion to get him checked is a good one. Our 9 y/o Gordie (Texas Rex son) bred this past summer and the litter produced 12 beauties.
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    You will need to take your male for a brucelosis test as the disease is not just sexually transmitted. You should take your dog to a reproductive specialist and have the viability of the semen checked out. Motility below 50% and they probably will suggest that you collect several times and do an AI. There are also many other issues that the reproductive specialist will exam to determine if your male is still viable as a stud and in good health. Also, a CERF exam can reveal things about your dogs health way beyond the eyes such as kidney function etc, FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford was still getting an average of I believe 11 breedings per collection at age 12 other males are sterile at a very young age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxFig View Post
    I have a call pending w/ my vet to see if we need to do a "viability check". For being 10, he's in pretty good health (runs, plays, retrieves, etc).
    I have 2 half brothers to yours, out of Jamie. One is no longer breedable - had an infection that just couldn't be cleared up - lots of bent tails, etc. Had his last litter about a year or two ago. FC Honor is still quite breedable. Just had a litter of 11 in September. Shipped fresh chilled to Montana a month ago, just had another frozen collection done, and last week, did a side by side breeding to a maiden bitch. Getting about 6 breeding doses each time. Both of these guys are in great shape. I never tell them how old they are.

    But at his age, I do supplement him, just in case.

    You will want to have a semen analysis done. They can check numbers and quality. I keep a regular check on Honor due to his age. And he is still a VERY aggressive breeder (just like his daddy was). It's not pretty, but it gets the job done! (I keep telling him to at least lick an ear first... )

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    Don't all this talk hurt your feelings Bubba? If I was a dog it sure would make me feel bad. Makes me want to see my Vet for a checkup! HAhaHAhaHAha etc.
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