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Thread: Donald Kaul another liberal genius

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    I thought their connection dealt with similar military voting records. I didn't realize their position on Clinton's federal assault weapon ban. I stand corrected on this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mngundog View Post
    “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts", "These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” -Mitt Romney

    It it really the Republican/Democrat issue, or the morons who stand blindly behind their guys? What was that comment about Conservatives who don't like guns?
    Just a quick heads up;

    Obama is President of the Democrats, ooops, I mean the United States (though I don't think he knows that), why don't you quote his position on this??

    I mean his actually matters??

    BTW---The fact that you won't is what makes me think you are a liberal..................
    Stan b & Elvis

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    I see this for what it is - just like I read the New Yorker at times - it only shows how out of touch these folks are - wonder how he'd feel if he had a shot of the cops as HPL has shown in the 56 minute video in the other thread.

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