Broken Canine Tooth in Ft. Collins..Now What?
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Thread: Broken Canine Tooth in Ft. Collins..Now What?

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    Default Broken Canine Tooth in Ft. Collins..Now What?


    I had a dog break a canine tooth...the tooth appears to be dead.

    What options do we have?
    What can I expect to pay for these?
    What are your thoughts on these options?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've had a couple of dogs break canine teeth. Vet's advice was to leave it alone. They seem to be able to slough it off.
    I had one extraction on a lower canine on a 12 year old due to a cavity at the gum line on a still living tooth. The vet's advice in this case was extraction. I have a 9 year old with vertical split on an upper canine. Vet's advice on this one was since it turned a pink hue, the tooth was dead. Dead=no pain. Follow your vets advice. JD
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    This just happened to us this past weekend. I chose to do a root canal to keep the tooth. I felt with all the sports we did he needed his k9's. Extraction on an otherwise healthy intact gummed tooth could cause jaw issues that I didn't want to mess with. I'm in CA - it cost $2200 for the root canal, and once a full exam was done, the vet found a incisor that had been dead for awhile so I chose to extract it. They also did a dental on him.

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    I know next to nothing about it, but I met some shutzhund people a while back, and one of their dogs had titanium canine implants. I asked about them and it's fairly common for the shutzhund dogs to break a canine tooth, and they have them replaced. They also said there was a new material being used that looked like teeth and was supposed to be stronger.

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    I have had root canals done on 2 different dogs for canine teeth. It was about 900 dollars each in an affluent Milwaukee suburb. I did not want shifting of the teeth to occur
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    I would go to CSU Vet Clinic, they will "love ya"....their costs are reasonable in my opinion.
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    We had a similar situation and the recommendation for our guy was removal of the canine. This has not slowed this dog down in picking up birds whether he's hunting or running trials.

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    One of mine cracked a canine at around a year, unknown until it ultimately caused a pretty good infection. Tooth was removed, she's 6 now and hasn't had any issues.
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    Best to have a vet with dental credentials look at pup's tooth. One of ours cracked the canine near the gum line and to prevent loss of the tooth and potential for infection and other problems we had it filled. That cost about $700 several years ago. Doc said a crown would be better but that would mean another anesthesia and another $700. (He had done some very sporty crowns for the Sheriff's K-9 dogs. Very intimidating.) Never had a problem with the filling.
    Cost for removal or filling is probably equivalent as dog will have to anesthesized. The crown process requires 2 procedures - one to remove and measure, 2nd to install - that's why it costs double.
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    I had a dog chew a electrical cord and kill 3 back molder teeth. Had to have them removed with no problem.
    I also had another dog that roll and crack a tooth on a rock. Had this tooth removed with on problem.

    Good Luck
    David Wolfe

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