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Thread: Sound Beginnings by Jackie Mertens and Training a Retriever Puppy by Bill Hillman

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    Default Sound Beginnings by Jackie Mertens and Training a Retriever Puppy by Bill Hillman

    Several people have asked about these two training programs. I highly recommend both. I started my most recent puppy, Rowdy, on Mertens, switched to Hillman and then on to Lardy. Below are some video clips of the work that Rowdy did from Mertens and Hillman. Maybe these video clips will give those interested in these puppy programs a better ideal of the content.
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    Hey Wayne, thanks for posting these clips. I trained my last puppy with Mertens and Hillman
    before he went to Jim Van Engen. He was far more advanced than his classmates that had little or no work.
    I think it has paid off big time. He is a year old and doing very well. He has been home for 3 weeks and I am
    having a ball working with him. He will be going back to Jim in Boston, Ga. in a couple of weeks for the winter.

    I am flying to your neck of the woods tomorrow, to pick up my new pup.
    Meeting Mike Whorton at DFW airport and flying him under my seat home to Atlanta.
    I've been watching Jackie and Bill and can't wait to get this little dude home.

    Again, thanks for posting the clips, I enjoyed watching them this morning.

    Gregg Leonard
    Gregg Leonard

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