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Thread: Microchip or not?

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    I microchip every dog I own and every pup I breed and I require that the owner select the lost and found option on the AKC paperwork. I purchase ISO chips from the AKC at a very reasonable price and if the pup is sold or transferred the Companion Animal Recovery goes with the dog. You pay one time, no annual fees and your dog is permanently identified and scan-able by just about every microchip scanner on the market and is approved for international travel. The CKC issues microchips for every puppy that it registers so that every dog that is registered is permanently identifiable. I used to use a different brand of chip and the annual fees plus people not registering them with the company became an issue and I would receive calls from the company asking me who the dog belonged to.
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    I don't know about other companies but Pet Plan insurance gives you 5 or 10% off if your dog is microchipped.
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    When I signed up for Pet Plan, Molly wasn't microchipped, she now is, has anyone microchipped after signing up for pet plan insurance and was your premium adjusted?

    I've sent and inquiry to Pet Plan, was just wondering if anyone else had done this.

    I also wanted to thank everyone on this thread about micro chipping, my vet mentioned doing it, but didn't stress it too much. The vet tech shared the opinion on this board and explained its the first thing they do anytime a lost dog come in, and it is disappointing when they aren't chipped. It was 55 bucks, but again thats insignificant in the total cost of owning a dog.
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    Not only should you make sure you chip them, but you should make sure your information is registered with the chip company too (and updated when you move, change phone #'s, etc). We rescued our black Lab Jake from the pound 6 years ago. Animal Control scanned him and found a microchip, but there was no information registered to it..... No one claimed him, so after a week, he was ours.

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    ive been wondering about this also, im getting a new puppy n thinking i should do this, was wondering what usually something like this costs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tank47 View Post
    ive been wondering about this also, im getting a new puppy n thinking i should do this, was wondering what usually something like this costs?
    Depends on the vet that does it, can't remebmer what our charges. As many have said all of our pups are chipped before they leave so no extra cost to the new owner. But what ever the cost its a lot cheaper than buying another dog and you can't put a price on the personal pain of loosing a dog.
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    Another thing to make sure of is each yearly vet visit, have the vet scan them to make sure the chip is still functional. I just brought the dogs in last week and one of mine had an Avid chip inserted about 5 years ago which has now migrated down to the shoulder and they had to shoot a quick xray to find it and it still would hardly scan. We decided to insert a second chip from Home Again for safety measures.
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