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Thread: TY 7mths, FTP, Simple double and a frozen mallard

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    grnhd, the quote was about using a hide during training. I use it in very specific training sessions which emphasize focus, control and responsiveness. I don't use it when doing advanced marking.....just in expectation drills and maintenance. The original OP is dealing with a very young pup where the process of steadying is just beginning.

    By the time my dogs are actually hunting, the expectation of "I am available whenever you need me." is well established (from training). When I am hunting...the dog's release depends on the situation. I can either give them a call name release or say "here". The fully trained dog understands the difference (in theory).

    If I am field hunting geese, I will call the dog from his/her hide which is almost always near (behind) my layout blind and then send them. However, on a duck hunt late this fall, my dog was placed about a hundred yards away from me in his hide. In that situation, I released him directly to head for a downed, long fall, crippled teal.

    To provide some balance in training vs. hunting, here are photos of those two situations.

    goose hunt hide positioning with Daisy

    duck hunting Gunny in a hide at position #1 and me at #2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-Bird View Post
    I am looking into getting a new battery for my collar, its not but maybe 3 years old (1900ncp) if i spend another $300 on a collar my wife will have me.

    Yep $300 is alot and especially since collar not that old.I am getting a new Dogtra love the buzzer on the collar. But I just do not think leaving it on, letting the battery drain to dead, not charging it regularly etc will any collar work and especially in the extreme cold.
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    Kwicklabs,thanks for explaining,it makes more sence now.
    I'm new here but I've seen that bottom pic before and remember some of the story but I can't remember where.

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