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Thread: Is it too early to throw my pup in the water?

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    Senior Member BentleysMom's Avatar
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    Why take the chance? Wait, be patient. Too cold and too little. Just a baby and there is plenty of time for water intro in the right atmosphere.

    sloooow down. Take the above advice, it is good!

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    Where are you located? I have plenty of water and a sham whow to dry the little fella off with but lake temps are 51 where I wade fish so I would not suggest prolonged exposure.
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    For real's? I would not "throw" a dog in the water at any age.

    PLEASE take the advice from the previous posts

    Sink or swim regards
    John Stroh, Lodi ca

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    Junior Member J Cosentino's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone! I'll give him some time and wait until March. Thanks for the advice... I'll be posting more questions in which I'm sure I'll need help.

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