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Thread: why so many training threads and soooo little...

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    I hunt my dog. I also run him in hunt tests. No, I can't bring him to Home Depot every time I go but I do bring him every time I hunt with the exception of big game. The places where I hunt big game don't allow dogs. Otherwise, both of my dogs are with me and are family dogs also.

    You have hit the nail on the head about one of my pet peeves. The whole hunt test program was set up so that the average "Joe-hunter" could bring his dog to a weekend test and try to pass the standard. It's gone WAY past that in my opinion and I would like to get it back to that point. You are living what that program was started for. Take your hunting dog to test it on the weekend during the "off season". To me it is a great way to keep the dog in shape for the hunting season and to keep training the dog to a higher standard which translates to a very special dog in the blind AND at home or elsewhere.

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    Field trial/hunt test dogs need one set of behaviors; Gundogs need different set of behaviors.

    Here is a story on how they took different paths: http://www.duckhillkennels.com/forum...ead.php?t=2223
    Robert Milner

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    I would really enjoy a page exclusively for HUNTING.
    We are only as good as those that surround us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    RTF= Retriever Training Forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Maddox View Post
    I would really enjoy a page exclusively for HUNTING.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Teahan View Post
    hunting threads?
    Is this place just about competition dogs, or are there people here who actually train to have a great hunting partner?
    When i did my search here, I wanted a companion dog and hunting buddy.
    Lee of wrl contacted me and I ended up buying trap, and started 1.5 yo male yellow.
    We had chatted some and she said trap would be a great mix for me.
    She couldn't have hit the nail on the head better.
    He is awesome.
    All these threads here just talk about training. Where are the pics of actually using your trained dogs for hunting?
    I learned alto here, and continued traps training, and he now has to straight passes towards his junior title, and has retrieved 78 ducks and 22 geese so far this season.
    We will enter the last two junior hunt tests in a few months and go for his senior next fall.
    He also goes everywhere with me, even on my oryx hunt. Yet i read nothing of others and what daily life is like with their dogs?
    Are most dogs here just kept in kennel and are not family members?
    Are companion dogs not good hunters or competition dogs?
    Here was yesterday at 2 below zero.

    The oryx hunt.

    Climbing thru tree branches in the river retrieving a duck.

    His first Jr ribbon.

    And a pic from in the duck blind.
    I love my dog.

    Come on now people, lets see some life pics of you and your dogs.
    No disrespect here but is that first animal bloated or pregnant? Holy cow that looks fat!!!!
    I hate rude behavior in a man, won't tolerate it. Captain Woodrow Call

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    With all due respect Mr. Milner, let's just nip this in the bud.

    Multi-Tasking (link)
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    Yes, sadly prego.
    They breed all year.
    And thanks guys. Nothing warms the heart as a fine dog doing what they are bred and trained for.
    And no i do not play golf, or race, or rodeo. Age has given me a more subtle way of looking at lfe. After jumping out of a c-130, rappeling from a chopper, getting shot, blown up by a grenade, and other near death happenings, i don't riisk much anymore, nor does the body allow for such.
    I do shoot br, idpa, and trap.
    I can understand a machine or tool or ones god given ability to compete with, but give the dog its credit. One is but the teacher or director.
    Not the same, as competing in a sport where your ability determines the winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_C View Post

    the Fuge is now owned by Wing Supply....many of us (in the Texas forum) left when they started to have a power grab with new Mods who were eliminating threads that they didnt like or agree with, or threads were getting censored...Wing Supply replaced the person who was left in charge of the Fuge but the damage had been done
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