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Thread: Frequency of DA2PP vaccination

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiRollerlabs View Post
    What is the prime season for Lepto--spring into summer?
    It is linked more to rainfall in most places but yes warm and wet weather can set it off.

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    Pfizer actually guarantees the DOI on their lepto vaccines to be 15 months; they are labeled for annual boosters, but I think the quality of immunity is getting better with that vaccine. The guarantee is only valid if the vaccine is given by a licensed veterinarian. When I was in Kansas, there was TONS of lepto in the area. It just really depends on where you're located, but I would imagine most of the dogs whose owners frequent this forum are at least moderate risk by the nature of what they do.

    I think lyme is really dependent on your area. I still vaccinate mine annually because we frequent the tri-state area. I'm fortunate that I've never had a Lyme + dog (out of a group of 10- so pretty small) even when I lived in a high risk area; I credit the vaccine to that.

    I booster rabies and DAPP every 3 years. I don't believe in titers. Just because my dog's titer is adequate today does not mean that its adequate in a month.
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    The authority on this is Ronald Schultz at the Univer. of Wisconsin. He doesn't vaccinate after the second puppy round and doesn't do the first round until 8 weeks of age.

    He has done decades of research on vaccines and immunity.
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