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Thread: Crazy dog!

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    Default Crazy dog!

    I have a 1.5yr old male that keeps jumping on my wife and kids. He doesn't jump on me anymore due to me putting my foot to his chest when he gets close to prevent him from jumping up on me. The wife and kids have a hard time stopping him, so he gets away with it a whole lot. What is the best thing for me to do to stop him from jumping on the family? Other than beating his butt or putting the e-collar on him and burning his hard headed butt up!

    He did go through obedianance and advanced retriever training. Guess he has forgotten his obedianance since he has been home. He also likes to rub on your legs like a cat does seems like he is trying to knock you down by doing this. This is my first Lab. So any ideas on how to handle this dude will be much appreciated.

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    This is going to sound smart arse but if he has been put through obedience and advanced retriever training he has not forgotten it. The humans need to be put through the application of obedience and advanced retriever training. There are tons of retriever people in your area that could help you. Seek them out.
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    I just raise my knee up and let the dog run into my knee. You can also step on toes on back feet when they jump up. It's a repect thing. The dog repect you but not your wife and kids. If your wife and kids can get a correction in the dog will respect they also and will stop. I try not to let them start when their puppies, no mater how cute.

    Good Luck
    David Wolfe

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    You had better teach your wife and kids how to get his attention. If they can't or won't, then you get his attention. You have not done that yet !

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    Raising up the knee and catching him right will stop it quickly, just make sure they understand they have to catch him good and maybe dump him on his arse a couple times or catch him right under the chops.

    My friends Lab has this habit but does not try it on me after I sent him flat on his back with a knee. sounds cruel but is not intended to injure the dog at all, they usually are so surprised they cant figure out what to do.

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    Sounds like a OB refresher is in order, might invest in a prong collar with a tab, or break the e-collar out if he's been Collar conditioned and you know how the use it. Teach the family how to use the tools. With a prong collar the kids and wife can correct with a flick of the wrist, they shouldn't have to wrestle with a full grown dog, he's probably stronger than they are. SIT, DOWN and STAY are your friends, if he already knows the commands then he just needs them re-enforced. You might also teach him a PLACE command, so whenever he's annoying you say PLACE and he is required to go to a spot (carpet Rug towel etc.), lay down, and stay there. It's a very nice command for a bouncing dog, as it get them out of the area, and on a down, not annoying people.
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    See if you can 'teach' the wife and kids to tell dog "SIT" whenever he approaches them, if he does he gets a little petting (and maybe a treat once in awhile). If he doesn't then he gets corrected both for jumping AND not sitting. Would help to have all of them spend a bit of time w/ dog on leash first. If they can all be consistent with this hopefully dog will soon substitute sitting habit for the jumping habit.

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    I read or saw this at one point long ago, but I don't recall it being a retriever person, so I don't know how many on here have tried this, but... it worked for me, at least.

    As a shorter female, I know that sometimes it is hard for a shorter female to get a knee correction in in a timely, efficient, or even humane way (a knee under the chin is not such a good thing, IMO). With my own dogs, if I've had a jumping problem, I've taken their paws to "dance" (aw, how cute--not) and either danced 'em backwards or squeezed their paws just enough for them to be uncomfortable while talking to them sternly, and then gave them a low-key "good" and maybe a pat when they decided they liked it better on the floor.

    With a kid that isn't much taller than the dog, this might not be the brightest idea! But with an adult it should be okay and something to try if she can't or won't give the usual connection.

    Substituting sit or down for jumping would be ideal, and "place" is a great command, as mentioned above.
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