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Thread: Kennel Websites

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    Default Kennel Websites

    Just curious what you guys think, what are some of the best kennel websites you know of? Also, do you think that a good website is even important in this business? Or will just slapping up info online get the job done.

    Also, what all information do you think is imperative to have on a website, if you believe having one to be imperative?

    It's a different world now days... a lot of people depend on the internet. Obviously, all you guys use the internet (har har). Just curious about how it affects kennels.
    -Barton Ramsey

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    I like mine...but then i am a LITTLE biased!! The Retriever Academy has a nice one as well.
    As far as content, what you do SPECIFICALLY as well as pertinent rates for said services are a must have for me. Kind of like classified ads on here, if theres no price I keep looking...i'm not gonna call and get a sales pitch.
    I do believe my website has been an important piece to my business. I get numerous phone calls and emails from people who have seen the site and want to know a little more...or who wanna get together for day training and even a couple of potential clients have turned into paying customers after finding me on the www. Ease of navigation is imperative to me...if people can't find what their looking for EASILY they will simply move on...that and recently updated info...that said i need to update some things!!
    Joe Overby
    Candler Creek Retrievers
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