The following is an e-mail that I received this a.m. Many of you probably received it also. This is for those who didn't.

"Happy New Year!

And I truly believe it will be a Good Year in the Quest to Lead the HSUS into the IRS Slaughterhouse!

The Stage is now set for a Showstopping Call to Action that focuses on but one single issue - - The Failure of the IRS and the Treasury's Office of the Inspector General to hold Mr. Pacelle and the HSUS accountable for his boastful, VOICE RECORDED, and incriminating Admission - - "CONFESSION" - - that the HSUS "has passed 1,000 laws in the last decade!"

The most Senior Officials in the Treasury's Inspector General Office have literally sat on a CD Voice Recording of Mr. Pacelle's "Confession," and apparently done nothing for nearly 16 months! I truly believe that if Members of Congress are swamped with a short E-Mail asking why lobbying in support of 1,000 laws in the last decade does not constitute "too much lobbying" by a public charity, many of those Members of Congress will begin asking the IRS Commissioner that question. And if more and more Members of Congress begin asking that question, the bureaucratic IRS "logjam" that the HSUS has successfully hid behind will begin to be breached and the HSUS will experience the equivalent of an IRS Audit Tsunami that could result in dire consequences for the HSUS!

The details of this Call to Action are attached. Additionally, I invite all to check out my new Website that also will allow one to copy and paste the text of the Showstopping E-Mail.

I plan to use this Website to begin posting future actions that will enhance the Quest to Right the Unrightable Wrongs of the HSUS!

Please ask your Friends and Family to respond to this Call to Action. NUMBERS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE MINDS OF MEMBERS OF CONGRESS! And Stick to the Script which will make it increasingly difficult for Members of Congress to ignore the pointed question and send you a non-responsive response.

Again, Happy New Year, and I truly believe that it will be a Good Year, as the HSUS is forced to go on the defensive for a change!!!!!


PS: Please share this with your family, friends and those on your list."