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Thread: Blue Buffalo

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    Default Blue Buffalo

    Has anyone used Blue Buffalo dog food and if so what are your thoughts and opinions.....also which formula do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dooley View Post
    Has anyone used Blue Buffalo dog food and if so what are your thoughts and opinions.....also which formula do you use?
    Dooley I use the Senior Blue Buffalo for my old guy (11 yo) b/c 17% protein however I do supplement with ProPlan Performance on days he runs more. It is a great food. He has good coat and good energy but that could be the PPP?which I use on all my dogs! ML
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    We used it for the puppy.Excellent food.
    We have however, switched to PP 30/20
    She trains everyday
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    We feed our 2 small breed dogs the blue buffalo small breed formula... main reason is that our 10 YO Jack russell has had some immune deficiency troubles and BB was the only food that he could "keep down" for a long time... years later, why switch? I think it’s a quality food but it has been subject to some of the “scary” re-calls over the years. Its also a bit more pricey to feed to ALL of our dogs...

    If you are looking to feed in that price range you might want to check into Precise Competition (26:16 or Precise Endurance 30:20) formulas. Our labs eat the Competition/Endurance (some do better on one or the other so we always order both kinds).

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    We fed Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon and Potato for years. Excellent food, and the dogs did well. We just switched to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach, and they are doing well on that also.
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