Vet for tplo surgery in Ma., RI.,Ct.?
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Thread: Vet for tplo surgery in Ma., RI.,Ct.?

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    Default Vet for tplo surgery in Ma., RI.,Ct.?

    A friend is needing surgery for her dog for a torn ACL. Anyone know of a good vet for this surgery in Ma.,Ct or RI or new england? The dog is a pet and not a hunting dog. Thanks Jim
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    I used Dr. Trout at Angel for Nyala and Siri.

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    We used Dr. Joel Woolfson. He travels to several Veterinary practices in MA...... Emma ended up having both knees done 2 years apart.....

    Hope this helps
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    Hi Jim,

    My girl had her surgery at the age of 6. She is now 12 and has had no issues with the repaired leg. The type of repair I chose was the TPLO. My girl is not only a house dog and pet, but field trains all summer and is a full time working duck dog once the season opens. I just felt that this type of surgery would hold up better. That is only my opinion.
    The surgeon was Dr John Benson. He is at Vetcision which is in Waltham Mass, phone 781-810-1010. I highly recommend him. Great surgeon with excellent follow up care. The staff is great and very helpful providing imformation as far as post surgery care. I did take their advice and get my dog into a swim therapist and followed their rehab instructions to a t. I firmly believe that doing the rehab correctly is just as important as finding a good surgeon.
    Good luck!
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