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View Poll Results: Which 12 ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun would you choose? *and why*

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  • Benelli

    120 43.80%
  • Beretta

    57 20.80%
  • Browning

    42 15.33%
  • Mossberg

    2 0.73%
  • Norinco

    0 0%
  • Remington

    27 9.85%
  • Weatherby

    2 0.73%
  • Winchester

    24 8.76%
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Thread: Poll on *Hunting* Shotgun(Semi-Auto)*Advice

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    Senior Member Jim Danis's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Fayetteville, NC


    I've hunted with Rem 1100's and 11-87's a Benelli SBEII and now a Beretta A400 Extrema. This past duck season I've hunted with the Beretta exclusivley and have grown to like it a lot. I had to adjust the stock to fit me and once I did that I'm hitting most of what I shoot at. Before fitting it to me I couldnt hit a barn door from the inside of the barn. To be honest it was that way with the Benelli also. With all of that being said I do not see muich difference between the Benelli SBEII or Beretta A400 Extrema as far as recoil or overall function. Remington doesn't even come into play as far as I'm concerned. With both the Beretta or Benelli I can shoot any load and not have to worry above malfunctions. They both are easy to disassemble and clean, they take a beating and keep on rolling and they are a joy to shoot. I've shot 3.5" Turkey loads out of both of them and the recoil isn't anything to worry about. My 10yr old daughter shot my Benelli with a 3.5" #5 Turkey Hevishot load and laid out a nice Gobbler. She didnt even notice the recoil.
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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2009
    san Antonio


    FWIW, I have shot a great deal more than the average hunter, as I not only hunt but shoot competitively also. If it will be used primarily for hunting, and ocasionally for targets, either a Benelli (inertia operated) or a one the gas guns such as A Beretta, franchi, SX2, will all suffice. Here are 3 points I use when coaching someone who is shopping for a gun.
    1. Try to handle each brand considered before buying, preferably shooting it also! This gives you a feel of the difference between the different brands.
    2. Personal opinion: a 3" field usually is noticeably lighter than any 3 1/2 " , the difference in performance is nill, shells are also cheaper too ! Plus a slight reduction in recoil is a plus! Particularly with a gas gun. If you feel you must have a 3 1/2' gun, you are better off with a 10 ga, the shells are the same price, and the 10 was designed to handle a payload of 2 to 2 1/2 oz, the 12 was never desined for that. Don't let anybody tell you they are the same in performance either, the 10 far surpasses the 12 3 1/2" by a noticeable margin.
    3. Whatever you choose, take the time and money to go and have it fitted to you by a professional! This is the most important thing I could stress ! Very few guns will fit correctly, right out of the box. They may fit well enough for you to hit some targets and birds. But one that is fitted to you will put more birds on the ground and more X's on your score card.

    Hope you find what you can hiot with! JB

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    Senior Member Golddogs's Avatar
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    Feb 2004


    For auto loaders I prefer Benelli. Specifically, a Montefeltro. I have no need for 3 1/2" shells and prefer a classic wood stock over composite. Both my wife and I have 20ga and I have a 12ga also. I prefer my Browning OU however for most hunting.

    The quality allows them to hold value amd they fit us very well. Fit is key.
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    Benelli SBE ll The fit, the quick effortless swing, the unbelievable reliability.

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    Senior Member Dustin D's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Lake Charles, LA (Area)


    Nice Info JB and thanks folks.

    Keep em' coming!

    I'm not new to firearms or the purchase there of. However as I alluded to I know nothing about the Latest & Greatest Semi-Auto Hunting Shotguns.

    I've just been pumping away with that Ol' 20 ga. 870 for quite some time with no thought until now of shooting anything different.

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    Senior Member Matthew J. Ries's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    TX, USA


    Correct me if i am wrong, but you have to compare the MOA (gas operated vs Inertia)? I have been searching for a Semi auto shotgun for awhile. Really thought SBE2 was my answer, but the Beretta A400 has started to cloud my judgement. Slightly heavier, but i was told recoils is best out of the 3.5 SA available. I am no gun expert, so curious about others opinions on this matter. Thanks, Matt
    Matthew Ries, Pharm.D.

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    Senior Member Steve Shaver's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Cornish Utah


    I wanna hear from the one guy that shoots a Mossberg.

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    Senior Member M&K's Retrievers's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Rockwall, TX


    I bought my Remington 11-87 as soon as it came out. Never had any problems and it has had a lot of abuse. Cleaning once a year if it needs it or not and tons of West Texas and Western Oklahoma sand. Kinda like the Energizer Rabbit. If the A-5 were still the A-5, I'd buy it.
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    Senior Member Steve Thornton's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Anoka, MN


    Winchester SX-2. Made in the Browning factory in Belgium. Never had a jam no matter how wet or dirty. Easy to clean which I do once a year. Cost less than most others. All the gun I wll ever need.

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    Senior Member 43x's Avatar
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    Mar 2009


    I bought a Rem 1100 in 1974, have used it every season. that's 39 years of service. I've replaced the bolt buffer and some o rings that's it. The gas system consists of couple of washers , don't get much simpler than that.

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