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Thread: Hinting @ Executive Order For Gun Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    IMO that is EXACTLY the strategy they will use....ammo will be taxed like gasoline or cigarettes..you think a box of 209 primers for your Gun X training pistol is high now, a 5lb canister of powder or a 25lb bag of lead shot will rival the street equivalent of a bag of marijuana...besides a hunting license, I can see a day where there will be some sort of firearms user tax/license...people who are now actively engaged in shooting sports (skeet,trap,sporting clays,IPSC) and similar activities will no longer participate because of the outrageous costs
    The juggernaut has been set into motion. We gun owners have turned a blind eye to the previous mass shooting and taken an attitude of "..prying it out my cold dead fingers". We failed to be proactive in keeping guns"... out of their crazy paws". Now "...out of my cold dead fingers", has become a rear guard position. The gun ban folks are riding on a tsunami of support and are getting lobbying funds fast. Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords organization is already up $ 7 million in two days and counting. I doubt the NRA and its minions will be able to bring the juggernaut to a complete stop. But, if the political game is played with savvy and finesse it may be possible to steer the onrush In a more favorable direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Dufour View Post
    Is it true that they are trying to sneak through a repeal of presidential term limits ? I mean to plant it into another bill so soerto gets to be president for life . I'm faily sure he would be re elected numerous times , since we can't figure out how to beat him.Very scary.
    Apparently such a bill has been introduced. It was introduced in the last Congress and never made it to a single Committee hearing.

    It's not a matter of simple legislation. First, Congress must pass the legislation by a 2/3 majority of each house (or a Constitutional Convention must be called if requested by 2/3 of the states) and then it must pass 3/4 of the state legislatures or state Constitutional Conventions.

    In short, such an idea is DOA for such a politically charged issue.

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