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Thread: National Gun Appreciation Day - January 19, 2013 (link)

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    I always thought of this forum being a few steps ahead of congress in that we could disagree without being disagreeable.

    Like it or not, the gun debate is going to be tried and decided in the court of public opinion.

    Since you aked how I really feel, I'll tell you:

    I think two days of coverage featuring a great role model like Kimberly Rhode who won five olympic shooting medals instead of another polarizing rant by another extremist would probably serve all of us better when the politicians start voting.

    Then again, I could be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    It isnt political at all in my opinion.
    Guns are part of American culture. They are a tool, just like a hammer, or scredriver.

    The attitudes like the one above, that want some of american culture pushed into a backroom,, is offensive to me..

    Many other groups want Americans to respect Their culture,, but then in the next breath, want laws and activities that many in our society hold legally dear to their heart,, become contriban.
    Its time to stand up and address this mentality...

    A Picture of a very dear "politicle" memory of mine

    Concealed carry class the 16th,, something to carry the 19th,, along with 100 lbs of lead shot..regards.

    Gooser, Are those Reebok pumps?

    "...misty watercolored pictures of the way we were"

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    I think we are in this problem because we have hidden for far too long.....Maybe too long to recover. In the larger cities hunters and shooter have hidden their weapons and activities because it may upset some of the non hunting shooting public. By being invisible to the non hunting shooting public they began to fear the guns because of the unfamiliarity with them.
    If we had been more visual people would better understand them.

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    Kevin, Clean out your PM box a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
    Oh, but is political. Potus!
    Remember that when you have to shoot fliers with a sling shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade View Post
    Kevin, Clean out your PM box a bit
    Done. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Kevin Walker

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