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Thread: Advice on how to handle new dog.

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    Sit, here, heel. Lots of succesful retieves. Ensure you expose the pup to gunfire the right way. Don't just go out in the field and start banging with a twelve gauge over the top of his head. Have lots of fun. Take your time you have atleast 9 months till next duck season. Main thing is keep it relaxed and fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnLandR View Post
    I would say find the trainer that fits best what you want, regardless of where he or she works. Just because a trainer works at Petsmart, it doesn't mean he or she doesn't know what he or she is doing. Further, there are some trainers that do nothing but train that have no clue what they are doing.

    If you are going for classes, audit them first; go and watch how the trainer interacts with the dogs and with the people. Find one YOU are comfortable with.
    This is true did not mean to knock those who work at petsmart was saying that those classes are geared towards puppies. Find who your comfortable with and what works for you.

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    I would recommend getting some references and maybe seeing some of his work in progress if you are going to a trainer. My father in law has taken two dogs to two different trainers and neither came out worth anything. One came back gunshy. They don't leave the house. He picked up his third last month and I told him to do it himself. He couldn't do any worse.

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