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Thread: Social Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by mngundog View Post
    In keeping with the theme of the OP, I thought it was worth noting that both parties ran gun control freaks and that is hardly irrelevant in this discussion. I do believe it is a fair question to ask democratic voters their thoughts on gun control in the mid terms, I believe it would be a better question to ask republican voters the same question. Gun Control policy was absolutely abandoned by the Republican party in the last election, I hope they come around in the mid-terms.
    HOw about we just stick to the constitution.
    "shall not be infringed" OBUMMA better read that!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    Maybe but Romney was the lesser of two evils. Anything was better than Obama.
    This is why I voted for him.

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    Interesting stats reported on Bill Cunningham on radio tonight:
    In 2011 ... total killings in 2011 ... 11,000 (this would also include suicides & accidents)
    6000 related to handguns
    503 involved hammers
    323 involved rifles

    The vast majority of killings involved criminal activities like drug dealing or gang violence.

    With so many millions (I've heard 2.8 million mentioned for handguns) in the hands of the citizenry, it certainly would appear that the vast majority of gunowners are careful with them & law abiding.

    Biden says "We must DO something," about those rifles that cause 323 killings a year ... guess the 500 in Chicago don't bother him as much, or the 6000 caused by handguns (not that I think additional handgun laws are going to help either).
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    Her is something positive to do.

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