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Thread: The Derby Stake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    That's basically IT , but there will be detours along the way. Something always comes up new & unusual.
    Cool! Thanks everybody!! This has been a VERY enlightening conversation for me. I finally feel like I have a grasp on what the goals are.
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    And most of all, savor every precious moment on line of watching your baby dog work, it will fill you with unimaginable pride and joy!

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    I'll add something. Very few if any judges are going to shoot the flyer first. So not to complicate things don't train on that stuff now.
    More important to run a boat load of singles off of multi guns. Teach dog a long complicated mark as a single then come back and run same mark as memory bird of a double. Find out the things you can do in training to prevent your dog from gun running and back siding guns.
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