California Hunters---season assessment?
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Thread: California Hunters---season assessment?

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    Default California Hunters---season assessment?

    Been a tough year for many, myself included. Water scattered the birds as most every bypass spilled in the northern valley in December. Most of my hunting buddies are way down on birds, over last year. Thousands of birds sitting in the rice fields and very happy.

    Curios how you all are doing. Decent year for me, though the Mallards hardly exist. I have been targeting geese--gotta do what you gotta do-though not my thing. Took the boat out this weekend and scarcely saw a mallard.

    Two weeks left--good luck all. Here is a pick from a solo hunt over a handful of decoys in Colusa. I do enjoy eating specks. TASTY BUGGERS

    And here is a pick from a friend that hunted Idaho a few weeks ago--TIME TO MOVE!

    EDIT---two day hunt four guys
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    John Stroh, Lodi ca

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    So-Cal, Private Club out in Wister, was pretty hard work beginning of the season, had to stay in the blind all day to finish . Then it finally froze up north, and the birds came down, just getting better & better seems like we're about a month behind. They were having a hard time on the GOP land, before last weekend.

    Ducks; We have seen a lot of widgeon this year, and Mallards which we don't usually see. Less Pin-tail & teal than I'm used to but a few guys shot some Blue-wings last week, we never see those. One guy even got the teal tri-fecta, first for him in 34 years. No red-heads this year, had a bunch last. Sponey's millions of them, I just keep saying I will not shoot Sponey, but then they try to knock you out as they land in the decoys.

    Geese; The Snows are down but fewer and on a very different pattern than usual. Canadian honkers, are circulating in the valley in numbers we haven't seen in years. Specs, killed one opening day haven't seen any since.

    Survey says, this year is Pretty Strange.
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    Upland hunting for quail was really poor. My brother and dad are out today for one of the last trips of the season. No good reports coming in. I hope next season will be better as I'll have my new pup out for his first season.

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