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At Lake Almanor near Chester in NE California ... below 0 at night. 3 or 4 F at 7:00 am. Gets to 20s-low 30s in the afternoon. So cold the snow we got within the past week won't melt. Pipes in the well house, pipes at the outside garage, and water lines to the bird pens froze and burst yesterday. Heater went out in the well house and heat wrap tape could not keep up. New heater in the well house and Don has been fixing and replacing pipes and water lines for 2 days. Had to take a 5 gal. bucket of water to the bird pens through waist high snow. The water line to the bird pens is now new and working. Supposed to have sun and "warmer" weather for the next 5 days. Probably means at night it will be 10-15 degrees.

OMG Helen. Do you regularly go through these kinds of winters or is this one a particularly unusual one like for us? I honestly don't know how people deal with frozen pipes, driving or moving about in waist high snow and ice ice ice. Especially driving in all that stuff.