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got to admit to having been an Armstrong/Livestrong fan....and am bitterly disappointed in him...I have lost respect for him and will probably NEVER get it back...guess that leaves me with Koufax,Staubach,Watson,Spitz
Athletes are over payed actors, atleast those post 1980 and shouldn't be treated as role models or hero's. There isn't a pro athlete that I admire since they add no value to the world. Show me a man who can make something with his hands (Gooser), create a website to make life more enjoyable (Shayne), or change the way we train dogs (Mike Lardy). I can take or leave football and don't bother with baseball,basketball,soccer, and would rather watch paint dry that waste my time on cycling. I say lettem juice all they want, HGH bring it on, it's a game and it only matters if you believe it's more than that.