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Thread: Curious O/H Qual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Main View Post
    The above quote in bold is not true. There is no requirement to in the FT rules to have a FT club run any other stake with a Qualifying or OHQ. It can have a OHQ only trial if it wants. Qualifying placements don't count for titles, so nobody really cares.

    Per HT regulations. A club can only run an OHQ in conjunction with a HT.
    Perhaps I am wrong. I don't spend much time in the rule book worrying about which stakes are offered, since that is usually someone else's responsibility. There is a lot of language about what you can't do and what you may (Section 9) do, but I got my interpretation from the language in Section 10 which states:
    At the election of the trial giving club, an Owner-Handler Qualifying Stake may be run without a companion Derby Stake when it is run in conjunction with a Hunting Test event that includes a Master Hunt Stake.
    I took the bolded to mean that if a club were to run an OHQ, it could not do it without at least a Derby unless it is in conjunction with a HT (or obviously other FT stakes)--a restriction on the language in Section 9. Just for my own edification, since I don't have the patience to work it out, can you point me to the rule that says you could run an OHQ only?

    Regardless, my original point, I think is valid. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to have an OHQ in conjunction with an HRC test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by savage25xtreme View Post
    Sooners HT will have a O/H Qual the friday before.... Hope to see you there Jeff.
    Gavin, where and when is this? I don't see it. TIA
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