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Thread: Chattanooga Results

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    Default Chattanooga Results

    I thought I did this last night, but I guess I did something wrong:

    1st--Ledford with Cash
    2nd--Scott Harp with Abbey
    3rd--Jerry Day with Nike
    4th--Tommy Parrish with Allie
    Jams to at least two dogs, including Ebonstar Gotta Zoom and a dog handled by Mike Long.

    1st--Tommy Parrish with Ottercreek Talk of the Town
    2nd--Denise Zimmerman with Gotta B-Gin-U Win (Won't be 2 until the end of July)
    3rd--Ken Wood
    4th--Marty Kress with Candlewood High Mileage Hope
    There were no other dogs that completed the last series.

    I do not have the Am results.

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    Amateur and Derby results

    Jerry Day ---Nike
    Dr. Goldstein--Doc
    Kevin Mayes---Masa they smacked the last series
    Col. Mike Harvey---Cruise

    Goldstein---I here that makes 26 points
    Harp with Herb Taylors 16 mo old he won last weekend
    Charlie Moody running Sam Miltons dog---put her on the derby list
    Mike Long
    Alain Prost
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