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Thread: Opinions on Taste of the wild

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    I would look into Canidae Alll Life Stage and their grain free. Higher calorie than the TOTW.

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    I was just looking at Canidae as a matter of fact and Dr. Tims. The Canidae I can get local but the Dr. Tims I would have to order. Ill give it a shot when I get my pup. Thanks yall for the input

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    I would take a good look at Dr Tim's. I have fed PPP, Blue Wilderness, Evo over the past couple of years and have settled with Dr Tim's. My dogs love it and they have never looked better. Plus Dr Tim will promply answer any questions you my have via e-mail. I know several people who have recently switched and they are all very happy. Good Luck

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    I have fed TOTW for the past 3 years to both my labs. Have had really good luck. I primarily feed the fish and the bison. I can switch between bags with no issues in loose stool. Fish during the winter months as it is a little lower calorie and the bison in the summer and during hunting as it is a little richer. Couldn't be happier with the food. Will not change anytime soon.

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    I feed TOTW for about a year, then went back too EUK. cause it is easier for me to get.

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    I have had good luck in the last few months feeding Loyal - Professional Formula ( by Neutrena ) it is available from Tractor Supply and other retailers. Fed PPP for many years but the cost of the product and the reduction of the pounds per bag combined with a price increase was a contributing factor to this switch. You may want to consider it. Good luck.
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    Euk has had plenty of recalls. Plus most of their formulas have corn as the second or third ingredient. For the price they are getting per bag, you'd think they would have better ingredients then "hog food"......Lots of different brands of dog food are manufactured in the "Diamond" plants. MOST have not had any issues. There are only a HANDFUL of companies that have never had a recall EVER. Keep in mind, its hard to keep the salmonella or ecoli out of HUMAN food plants let along some of the dogfood plants. Key here is, how much do you want (or are willing) to pay for a bag of food then find the best food for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRL View Post
    Keep in mind, its hard to keep the salmonella or ecoli out of HUMAN food plants let along some of the dogfood plants.
    So if your dog food manufacturer has never had a Recall, is it b/c they are just that good, or is it b/c what they are creating there is pretty much all artificial junk where both salmonella and ecoli can’t really live/thrive?


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    I fed my girls TOTW for awhile, but when Diamond had their quality "issues" I decided to change. I feed Orijen...it's expensive, but look at the contents, it is a great dog food, in fact I think it's the best food on the market right now. My girls love it and they are doing well on it! One suggestion...make sure you make a gradual change over a week or two, it's rich and it took the girls a week or more to settle on it.
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    We've pretty much run the gauntlet. Our GM is a very picky eater and was below ideal weight. Switched to TOTW 2 years ago and he eats as soon as it's presented, weight is good, stamina is better, coat could not be better.

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