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Thread: Pesky Neighbors Don't Like My Dog Training

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    Tell em to "Pound sand".....once you cave and not train in YOUR front yard, you are playing into their hands, maybe I dont like seeing their fat rear ends waddle to the mailbox...wait till they get a load of me cleaning my shotgun in the garage or shooting my bow in the driveway....cant wait to drive up wit a big ole elk sticking out the back of the pick up truck or lining up a limit of ducks and geese in the driveway and taking tailgate pictures

    Nosey neighbors can KMA
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    I live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, so nearly everybody is a liberal lawyer wannabe where I live. I go to great lengths to NOT have conflicts like that one. People are well meaning, they see no reason a dog should ever have to do something unpleasant, and will never appreciate what we do. I can't change them, would not profit by doing so, and therefore avoid wasting time and energy in interacting with non-like minded people.

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    My yard ill do what i want to!!!!!!!!!!! Hang a sign NO tresspassing if she shows up again show her sign tell her you will press charges!!!!! POUND SAND
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    This reminds me of a time when I was at a public park…

    I would get there before sun up to run a drill or two and then walk with my dog, without a lead. Other folks got their early as well to walk their K9 companions off lead as well. I was approached by a woman who was clearly upset. She had two labs with her. She started to scold me about the e-collar my dog was wearing (I had not used it this morning) and how cruel it was… all while her labs are nipping at my dog. I called my dog to me and he came a sat at heel. I controlled my frustration and tried to educate her on the e-collar and how when used properly was quite humane.. yada.. yada .. yada and for the Safety of the dog … using the example of “here”.

    She did not want to hear it…

    Not one minute later a skunk goes running by. My dog takes a few step toward the skunk and I say sit which he does. I bet you can guess what happened next.

    Yep!. Before I even go to turn I hear here screaming… Here! Here! No… Here!

    Two very stinky Labs went home with her.


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    Well I have to say this board and the people on it are awesome! I have posted on a breed forum in the past and always have to be mindful of the Liberal Feel Good Mafia's presence. No such malarkey here.

    I did engage this woman in the street, so she did not trespass. She did however, threaten that if the dog is ever missing, that I would know where it is. I am still pissed off about this situation and was concerned about over reacting at the time but in hindsight that may of stopped her in her tracks.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Personally, I wouldn't FF in public, primarily for the sake of the dog. The beginning of force training can be stressful even overwhelming for a dog and I prefer to give them as distraction free environment as possible so they can focus entirely on the work. If you have a choice between doing your walking fetch in the back yard rather than the front, I would choose the former regardless of the proximity of neighbors, to reduce extraneous distractions.

    You might think I am being too concerned the feelings of others but I have come to appreciate that life is a two way street; so... though being told I was cruel to my dog would annoy me, it would do so much less than knowing I could not amicably discuss any grevenses I might have with my neighbors' behavior.
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    My yard, my rules. Teach the dog to "potty" on command using a scarecrow as a target...the next time he/she visits uninvited, unannounced, and chest bowed its GAME ON!!!
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    Nothing to be gained from a conflict however, if she persisted or in any way attempted to take the dog, then yea, we would have a problem. I would absolutely call the law after I asked her to stop harassing me, and I would make sure I called them first.
    Darrin Greene

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    Although annoying, I suggest careful deliberation about where you train and before any response. A few minutes of timely video in the wrong hands or website can lead to more trouble than you really want. Not saying it's right but I've seen the process.

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    Get a bandana--they're useful for retriever training in public. They can be tied around prong collars and ecollars, so you look like a doting owner who'd never, ever do anything mean to your doggie. They don't exactly project that "cool" image, but neither does a squad car or the animal cops pulling up with the incident report [/QUOTE]

    Great idea Julie. Years ago I got grief from someone while walking my Basenji in the local park using a prong collar. He was an alpha dog and drama queen who would vocalize when corrected. I got quite a lecture and a "I'll report you" from someone walking by who saw the collar.

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