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Thread: Pesky Neighbors Don't Like My Dog Training

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    Win or loose your case if it gets to that, we all dog owners and trainers, loose on this one. That and the fact if you do go to court, all these e-mails will be evidence.........My opinion, getting into a match with the neighbor is a loose, loose situtation, even if you are right. Duckdon

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwcbf View Post
    This reminds me of a time when I was at a public park…

    I would get there before sun up to run a drill or two and then walk with my dog, without a lead. Other folks got their early as well to walk their K9 companions off lead as well. I was approached by a woman who was clearly upset. She had two labs with her. She started to scold me about the e-collar my dog was wearing (I had not used it this morning) and how cruel it was… all while her labs are nipping at my dog. I called my dog to me and he came a sat at heel. I controlled my frustration and tried to educate her on the e-collar and how when used properly was quite humane.. yada.. yada .. yada and for the Safety of the dog … using the example of “here”.

    She did not want to hear it…

    Not one minute later a skunk goes running by. My dog takes a few step toward the skunk and I say sit which he does. I bet you can guess what happened next.

    Yep!. Before I even go to turn I hear here screaming… Here! Here! No… Here!

    Two very stinky Labs went home with her.

    That serves her right.

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