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Thread: Laryngeal paralysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmhr1 View Post
    To you have had the surgery what was recovery like any complications? Was he in alot of pain, how long did recovery take? & does your dog have to eat soft foods forever? How old was your dog? My dog is bad to the point my vet will only see him at 7:45 am for a visit must be in and out before the heat. He is not allowed out in the day and has a sedative I can give him if he gets to excited and has trouble breathing. He is 12 1/2 . His heart is slightly enlarged and has some lung issues. He was diagnosed to years ago wth a soft tissue cancer so I have to weigh everything before surgery but if left alone he will die I dont think he will make it through the summer when we reach 120 and very high humidity even in the house. So I have to make a decision. I have talked with a surgeon no one in my town can do it so its Phoenix or San Diego which will be a 3 hour trip one way. (Thanks)
    Diesel did not appear to be in any pain the day after surgery, and his breathing was dramatically improved. Recovery for us consisted of altering his diet for a period of a few weeks. I stopped feeding kibble and fed him chunks of refrigerated, high quality canned food. I phased the kibble back in after a couple of weeks. My biggest fear was aspiration pneumonia and I watched him like a hawk for changes in his respiration and took his temp every day for a few weeks so that I would catch pneumonia problems early. Fortunately, he never had pneumonia. He developed a cough that I feared was pneumonia, but it turned out to be congestive heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy. Still, he had a great time with us for an extra couple of years that he would not have had without the LP surgery.
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