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Thread: Hearing Protection - what are you guys using?

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    I have had the custom molded ones from E.A.R. for many years now. I had them custom molded at a gun shop in Atlanta. They are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing them and they block out noise so well that when I used to shoot skeet my friends would have to almost yell "pull" or I wouldn't hear them. That is the problem, mine are the less expensive ones (maybe $50) that don't have any electronic or other type of insert to allow normal conversation so I don't wear them when hunting only target practice, skeet, etc. I need to get some that allow conversation, but I will be sticking with the custom molded kind. They don't interfere with the comb on your gun like so many muffs do and they are not hot and uncomfortable and they don't interfere with glasses/sunglasses or hats.
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    Very expensive hearing aids that became necessary because of work and play before there was any thought of hearing loss or prevention. Honest advice is do something or you will end up like me unable to hear my wife most of the time. No joke even with hearing aids life is not good. They work to well to use in a crowd or restaurant setting because of the amplification of the surrounding noise. Makes family get togethers not as much fun as the old days when hearing was going, not gone. Imagine not hearing the sound of duck wings before it is light enough to see anything. Many of the sounds of the marsh and life are gone.

    I am not crying I am just trying to make sure you take care of your hearing!
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    I recently started using Wildears. You can find them at www.wildear.com.

    These are expensive but well worth it in my situation. These block out all loud noises while enhancing the lower level noises. The best part is: these are custom fit. They are yours and only yours. I can wear them for a full day of shooting flyers at a field trial without problems.

    I will wear them while training and shooting but they are also incredibly good for hunting. From deer hunting to goose hunting....they fit the need and more! They are a newer product and are really gaining momentum! Guys love em!

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