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Thread: Hearing Protection - what are you guys using?

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    I use cheap foam plugs. I've been researching custom ear plugs and DefendEar has hunter/shooter specific plugs with filters. Does anyone have experience with these or similar products?

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    My sons and I all wear the walkers game ear muffs, they amplify the lower level sounds and block the higher level sounds. The only thing that I have had an issue with is if they are cold and your ears are warm they tend to build up condensation and become staticky. They use AAA batteries so we have to make sure we have spares in the blind bag.
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    I think whistles are as bad or worse than gunfire.
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    Guess I'm cheap. I use my fingers.

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    I wear a pair of custom molded one I bought for shooting. Hard to hear with them in; but sure beats loseing your hearing!

    I wear them snow blowing the drive, riding my AVT, mowing the lawn, shooting, and hunting.

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    i use the peltor tactical brand ear muff type. they are analog and do not make noise before cellphones ring and texts are sent in the blind. a good huntin' bud wears walker's brand and loves them too. mine stay in my blind bag throughout the season and behing the truck seat the rest of the year. i use them daily in season and at least weekly the rest of the year. mine are three years old and i never have had any issues. i no longer hunt, throw birds with pistol, shoot flyers, etc. without them. they do not interfere with shooting(my shooting anyway). you can still tell which direction sounds are coming from too. give it two days and you will never go back to hunting unprotected and enhanced.

    i will never get in another pit without them. when wearing them, i always get on the down wind end of the pit. i tell the guys to have at it(after i kill my three first)....just don't shoot me.....very liberating and no fussing about "you rang my ears!"

    an added benefit.......i can't hear myself blow the duck call.
    john mccallie

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    Default Hearing Protection

    I have been using Peltor Tactical Pro for several years. Am very happy with them. I have the ones with folding head band. Kind of expensive. I am practically deaf from to many years in a goose pit. My hearing is so bad that I cannot hear the television 15 feet away set a 32 volume.

    Skip C

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    Just picked these ones up -

    Online store -
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanbrigg View Post
    Just wondered if there is any hearing protection for the dogs. I have heard of some dogs losing their hearing from the guns.
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    I don't think I'd put these on my dog in the blind but they do make them - Mutt Muffs. My dog hates them and wears them begrudgingly but I like to think she'd rather wear them and go.

    Peltor makes nice stuff and I use their noise canceling ones at the range and when operating equipment. I have tried to use them when training but I prefer the cheap foamies that are stringed together because I don't get as hot, less bulky, one less thing to worry about batteries dying in and I don't worry about losing or damaging them.

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    Too late for me as I have tinnitis and believe me you don't want it. Too many years of big guns, close jets and sirens. With tinnitis you are never alone, I sleep with a white noise generator so that I don't have to listen to my ears ring. Take precautions.
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