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Thread: Education ... is there any way to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie R. View Post
    Throwing money at education and adding layers of administrative bureaucracy has done nothing to improve the quality of education in this country. All it's done is promote a dumbing-down of education to the lowest common denominator which benefits no child. And I agree with Brad Turner 100%:

    Sadly, it's not possible to regulate who breeds.

    No, but we could tie welfare, food stamps, etc. to things like attendance and/or performance.
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    All makes for nice reading.
    Here are some facts boys and girls.
    The public school systems in the cities of America are some of the most wasteful over spending in all of government.
    The cost per pupil is staggering versus the rest of the states educational spending in those states with the larger cities with large urban populations.
    That genie will not be put back into the bottle.

    The "Monarchy" that is created in these cities is not going to be removed.
    And who supports this "Monarchy??

    Sorry, just the cold hard facts!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Turner View Post
    Until we make parents responsible for their children, we will not achieve the national success we seek.
    This is the key here. A big part of the reason I am glad I'm not a teacher. I see too many pointing the finger at them. I see too many making excuses for their kids. More need to look in the mirror.
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    The public school systems in the cities of America are some of the most wasteful over spending in all of government.

    I got invited to a MPS luncheon to discuss small business hiring needs. From the time I walked in to the time I left all I could think of was if these people were working for me I'd stop at a gas station at the end of the day and ask them to get me a soda. Then drive off as soon as they closed the door. I wouldn't doubt that there was 3 people in the system for every teacher spending the day drinking Starbucks and milking the clock. And the lunch was ridiculously over done show boat style. Reminded me of drug reps buying a whole facility lunch for a few minutes of a Dr.'s ear.

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