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    Default Sun Screen

    What are you guys using?
    I just came from dermatologist. He asked what I did all that time outdoors.
    I replied I mess with dogs. They didn't make sunscreen years ago.
    Just thought I'd pass it on. One biopsy too late....
    Ray K

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    Nutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 55....along with a wide brim hat,and long sleeves...I like the Columbia fishing shirts, they are lightweight and the sleeves roll up and button....disclaimer : I am not pigment challenged but my sun worshipping days ended on the beaches of Newport/Huntington decades ago...I also wear polarized sunglasses
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    Even though I use the sunscreen and wear the wide brimmed hat now, I don't think I can undo 5 years of tropical sun with no protection. Just trust in my genes, and prevent any more I guess. Ray, I wish you the best, sounds like you have a hard road ahead.
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    They say the damage we see in our 40s and 50s occurred when we were little kids...I have had lots of pre-cancerous lesions burned off of my face over the last 10 years, long after I started wearing a broad-brimmed hat, tons of sunscreen, long sleeves.

    My doc says you should wear sun screen on your face every day of the year. I have to confess I am not THAT diligent.


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    BullFrog Mosquito Coast SPF 30 Sunblock with Insect Repellent.

    Conservation of effort regards

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    One thing I have discovered. I scuba dive a lot and I'm in and out of the water and riding in boats with salt water spray. I always used Coppertone sport until I discovered Bullfrog. Bullfrog stays on much longer in those conditions. I don't know why. We had a very unplanned and unscientific study in Hawaii. I group of us went on a motorized raft tour. We were gone for 7 hours. Half the boat used a bottle of coppertone and 3 of us used my Bullfrog. We went snorkeling then took off and nobody had time to reapply. The raft ride was brutal in 4 foot seas and we were covered with salt spray. The entire group that used coppertone was burned pretty bad. The 3 of us had no sun burn..

    So longer answer I trust bullfrog.

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    Sun damage? Usually what is done is done. However for future protection a good hat and sunglassess are always a plus. However I have worked with dogs that dont like it when I train with sun glassess on. (strange I know) There are alot of good products out there for sun screen. Myself I like the sport style sprays. (no rubbing). If your are in the field and need to apply or re-apply and have dirty hands (i.e. dirt, dog or duck on your hands) that makes it no fun to rub on the sunscreen. Good Luck.

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    Helioplex is more stable than PABA, neither lasts aall day and need to be reapplied. I use the same stuff as Bon except maybe SPF 70.

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    Water babies SPF 50 everyday from April to sept

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